Understanding Why Lingerie Is Sexy

Have you ever wondered why both men and women find lingerie so alluring? It could be the bare skin, or it could be the leather and lace, or is it simply the promise of what is to come later on.

Try an experiment with the man you love. Begin by taking four different pictures of yourself, but in the first picture you will want to be dressed in an old pair of blue jeans and a ratty old t-shirt. In the second picture of yourself you will want to be dressed in a red dress and black pumps. In the third picture of yourself you should be wearing a garter belt, fish net stockings, a bustier, and a thong. Finally, in the last picture you will want to be in the buff, but take several pillows and surround yourself with them while covering yourself up, but still being alluring.

Now, take these four alluring pictures of yourself and place them in a row in front of the man you love. Ask him to pick the picture that is the sexiest of all. Be prepared of which picture he might choose as the sexiest. You may think that he would pick the image of you in the buff while being surrounded by pillows, but you may be wrong.

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Sexy Bodysuits And Teddies The Leotards Naughty Cousin

Sexy bodysuits arent your typical lingerie. Bodysuits are much more of a walk on the wild side. If youre in the mood to try something different, give bodysuits a try. Bodysuits go by a couple of other names. You might also hear them referred to as bodystockings or catsuits.

Bodysuits are sort-of like a leotard that covers your whole body. That is, they have long legs and long sleeves. You might be wondering how bodysuits can be sexy if theyre covering you up from head to toe! Sexy bodysuits are sexy because of the fabric theyre made from or perhaps we should say lack of fabric! Almost all bodysuits are 100% see-through, and many of them are made from fishnet.

But not all bodysuits have long sleeves. Some have short sleeves or even spaghetti straps. You can even find halter top-style bodystockings.

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These Thigh Highs Aren’t Your Grandmothers Pantyhose

Womens accessories come and go, but thigh highs will always be a stable. Skip over old school womens hosiery and slip into thigh highs. Many people may not know that hosiery products haven’t been around for too long. Nylon was invented in the 1930’s by scientists–They couldn’t imagine then to what we do with womens hosiery now. Also known as stay-ups, these stockings are known for the band of elastic sewn to the top, which is designed to hold the stocking up when worn. They lost popularity back in the 1960s when the advent of panty hose made stockings of all types and styles available. As skirts became shorter, women were a bit turned off by garters, which were often necessary to hold these stockings in place.

Thigh highs are different from other stockings and considered lingerie rather than covering for feet and legs. There is also a very specific way to wear them. They have made a comeback in the fashion world and now both of these sexy stockings and garter belts are easily found in stores featuring fine lingerie. There are also varieties that dont require garters, although the use of garters is considered sexier.

Although the average woman may not wear womens hosiery items every day to the office (unless it is the kind of office we dont know about), thigh highs and garter belts make wonderful additions to every womans wardrobe. The most popular colors are red, white and black combinations. Some novelty pairs can be found in rainbow colors and black and white and red and white stripes as well. Fishnet or black lace, these stockings will add an intimate flair to whatever else you are wearing (or not wearing, if that be the case). Choose from over 75 different styles, patterns, designes and color combinations.

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British Bras Are Big Business New Brands On The Market

What is special about British bras?

For the last 15 years in Britain, there was, and is still going on, an underwear revolution comprising two aspects: a human and a commercial. Since the mid-1990s, there were huge changes in the womens attitude towards their underwear wardrobe and in their ability to spend money on themselves. This resulted in a boom in lingerie business. At present, British women are buying more bras, better quality and sexier than in the early 1990s. Recent studies by Rigby & Peller (corsetiere to the Queen) show that the British spend more on underwear than any other nation in Europe.

What did trigger this revolution in Britain?

It is a complex question. First of all, the world now is more consumer-oriented than 15 years ago. In the early 1990s, women weren’t drowning in choice the way they are now, so it is hardly surprising that on average, they only bought one bra a year. However, the most important factor behind the boom in bras, and the one that is hardest to quantify, is that women are not the same as they were in the yearly 1990s. According to a recent article in Telegraph by Jo Craven, two events in 1994 dramatically altered the history of the British bra: Eva Herzigova in the ‘Hello boys!’ Wonderbra advert and the opening of a small shop in Soho called Agent Provocateur, with a scantily clad dummy in the window. Darkened windows in lingerie shops became history. Today there is not a high street in the country without ‘come hither’ lingerie shops vying for our attention.

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Chinese Lingerie And Intimate Wear Industry Market Overview

Lingerie industry is in a state of intense competition. Fashionable and price friendly lingerie’s are sold by the manufacturers while global brands are looking for new markets. International specialty brands are at their wings; seeking entry into emerging markets for future growth. Current global market for lingerie’s rose by 2.6% to $29.92 billion USD from 2004 to 2007, while clothing prices dropped down by 4%. China, as an emerging market has seen a growth rate of 8.1% during the same time. Fast fashion retailers are now offering fashionable intimate apparels at lower prices and are undertaking hardcore marketing efforts to sustain their brand image in China. On the other hand, China itself is a major exporter of apparels to the global market at competitive prices.

Chinese Lingerie Market:

Chinese lingerie market is a dynamic sector. Their market structure is composed of many national and international brands, and intimate apparels are brought in by many countries; names unknown to the consumer.
The country’s lingerie market is a fast moving one, and there is a drastic change during the recent past. The lingerie market is estimated to be of a total value of 2 billion euros, and industry experts predict a further positive increase of 20% every year. The country is the third largest for luxury consumption, and is assumed by the market leaders to catch up with the position of Japan in the next 10 years. China is a key player in fabric industry, having good potential for creation and consumption. Major lingerie players in China have reassessed their market positions, and are now closing the knowledge gap to become ‘low cost’ producers.

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