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James packer to promote antigua and barbuda One of the greatest north american actors of all time and one of australia wealthiest businessmen are making waves in cruising. In robert de niro case, maybe it peripheral he has a new job as an economic envoy for the tiny, twin island nation antigua and barbuda.Since it a popular destination for cruise lines that sail the leeward islands, i assume one of de niro duties is to attract more cruise ships. Part of the reason for his appointment could be that he has hooked up with australian businessman and billionaire james packer to buy and renovate a former five star resort on barbuda. Who better to sell opportunities on these islands than a two time academy award winner and a kingpin of business? Star power louis vuitton luggage uk creating new cruise line Richard branson is taking his virgin brand which you see on hotels, mobile phones, in the skies and on trains that criss cross britain to sea.Virgin cruises will become a reality.This means branson sometimes wild showmanship, innovation and entrepreneurial skills will be on display in the world of cruising. Bain capital louis vuitton discount uk of wall street, the government of singapore investment corporation and others will partner with branson in this venture. They certainly have experience at the top.Tom mcalpin, a past boss of disney cruise line and the new ceo of virgin, says:Guests deserve something better and different to what is being offered today, and virgin cruises is committed to creating breathtaking experiences for them and a new generation of guests. (Obviously, mcalpin hasn cruised on royal caribbean. ) Virgin cruises will be based in south florida and reports are circulating the company is well along on ship design and size, but there are no details. King of short louis vuitton bags uk cruises going long Carnival cruises are generally three to seven days long, leaving from ports around north america, except on occasion and when its ships sail in europe.Now, 11 cruises on six carnival ships are being lengthened to 10 to 14 days for fall 2015 and winter 2016. It a funny juxtaposition.Princess cruises, owned by carnival, adopted a shorter approach to cruising last year by adding 3 to 5 day cruises to schedules from florida and california in the hope of attracting a younger crowd. Jimmy buffett margaritaville restaurant and the 5 o somewhere bar will be part of the new norwegian escape, scheduled to launch in 2016.Escape is slightly bigger than the ships of the current breakaway class.The flagship, the breakway, is permanently based in new york. Kevin sheehan, the parent company ceo, announced the news at a companywide event, and the man everyone wanted to see the legendary jimmy buffett performed for the crowd, some of them undoubtedly”Parrotheads. Expect the concept to be added gradually to other norwegian ships. This 11 day cruise on the carnival dream is one of the line offerings in 2015.Price is per person based on double occupancy.

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It’s time to test yourself on the best of littlejohn’s column from this year Never mind showbiz hype, the rise of ukip or the shenanigans inside the westminster bubble.It’s time to test yourself on the true stories from louis vuitton luggage sale the littlejohn column which paint a real portrait of the state of the nation in 2014. 1.Keith vaz mp met the first wave of romanian immigrants arriving at luton airport.He made his escape by scaling a metal fence with his trousers round his ankles. 5.Monkeys at paignton zoo were put on a diet by keepers who banned them louis vuitton outlet uk from eating: A)Kentucky fried chicken. B)Pizzas. C)Bananas. 6.In york, people arrested for being drunk and disorderly in the city centre were sentenced: A)To jail. B)To drying out clinics. C)To taxpayer louis vuitton bags outlet sale funded counselling sessions to help them address their ‘self esteem issues’. A)They ran out of money. B)The water subsided naturally. C)They wanted to protect the natural habitat of a rare species of mollusc, called the depressed river mussel. 9.Ever vigilant airport security screeners at heathrow confiscated a dangerous weapon which could have been used to bring down a plane.What was it?

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It’s no wonder high society wits called winston churchill’s wayward mother lady randy She is said to have had more than 200 lovers, some of them younger than her own son.Strikingly beautiful, with amber eyes, dark brown hair, full breasts and an irrepressible lust for life, jennie jerome was irresistible to men. Earls, lords, counts, even the randy old prince of wales, the future edward vii, lusted after her.And she willingly complied. When edward was crowned in 1902, she sat in a special pew in westminster abbey, which society wits dubbed ‘the loose box’ on account of its rather promiscuous occupants.She shared it with half a dozen other royal mistresses, including alice keppel and lillie langtry. Lady randy was well known for her lifestyle and lovers Jennie, winston churchill’s american mother, was very different from her son, who was utterly devoted to one woman:His darling wife, clemmie.And it is this contrast that makes their relationship the subject of lady randy, a new channel 4 documentary so fascinating. Her background is extraordinary.Descended quite possibly from an american indian who had raped a white settler, she was born into a notoriously lascivious family, conceived in italy and named after a popular singer who was probably one of her father’s mistresses.She was possibly pregnant with winston when she walked up the aisle to marry his father, lord randolph henry spencer churchill. When lord randolph died, apparently of syphilis, her next two marriages were to men more than 20 years her junior, earning her a reputation for vanity and frivolity. Despite always being hard up, she was also a shameless spendthrift and wafted around london in the finest paris gowns, entertaining the smartest trendsetters, courting lovers and sporting a provocative snake tattoo on her wrist.Wherever she went, she was the talk of the town. Jennie jerome was born in new york in 1854 and named after the opera singer jenny lind.Her father, louis vuitton mens bags leonard jerome, had been an investor in railroad stock.But when the stock fell, he lost everything and declared himself bankrupt. He didn’t stay down for long and soon developed a peculiarly topical talent:Selling short(That is, selling borrowed stock in the hope he could buy it back when it had gone down in value). It was as uncertain a trade then as it is now, and jerome was not above manipulating prices by summoning newspaper editors to lunch and spreading some self serving rumour.And he did well.Before long, he was one of the nouveau riche millionaires of the so called flash age. Jennie benefitted accordingly.She and her two sisters, clara and leonie, learned to be young ladies, riding, skating and playing the piano, while their parents entertained on such a grand scale that there was cheap louis vuitton bags always a fountain flowing with real champagne at their parties. Winters were spent in manhattan, summers in fashionable newport, connecticut, with billionaire neighbours such as the vandebilts.Leonard bought himself a big yacht and built a private theatre where he paraded a series of opera singing mistresses in front of his long suffering wife. He later became an influential newspaper proprietor and noted racehorse owner, and his political activities in support of president lincoln and his anti slavery drive during the civil war stimulated an interest in world affairs in jennie, his favourite daughter. Irresistible:Lady churchill with a young winston But his financial ups and downs, not to mention his mistresses, became too much for his wife clara, who in 1867 took off for paris with her daughters.Jennie, by then an impressionable 15 year old, was dazzled by the bohemian decadence of the city. Then history took control of events.In 1870, germany invaded france and the family fled to england.And it was there, on a trip to the isle of wight, that the 19 year old jennie met lord randolph churchill, the 23 year old second son of the duke of marlborough, at a party. The marlboroughs were as disreputable in england as the jeromes were in the us charming and arrogant, they spent lavishly, demonstrating, as prime minister william gladstone noted, neither morals nor principles. Jennie and randolph, who louis vuitton wallet men would soon become winston churchill’s parents, fell in love at first sight.But they had to endure strong opposition from randolph’s family until a settlement of $250, 000 by jennie’s father finally won the marlboroughs over. The couple began having frequent premarital trysts in paris, which had become so intense by early 1874 that there is a strong possibility that the future statesman was conceived in randolph’s hotel room on rue du rivoli. The couple were married in the british embassy in the city that april, and winston leonard was born eight months later in blenheim palace, oxford and deemed to be rather healthy and pretty for a premature baby. Until she married, jennie had never seen blenheim, which was in a shocking state of disrepair.Its 200 rooms were lined with old masters but many were destined for auction to raise funds for the marlborough’s lifestyle. Often left with her mother in law while her husband pursued parliamentary business, jennie found married life difficult. Randolph was mercurial and unstable and despite being in poor health smoked 40 hand rolled turkish cigarettes a day. Meanwhile, jennie missed the fun of her courtship and showed little interest in her son, who was largely cared for by his nanny. History may have been very different had jennie married kinsky Right from the start, tongues wagged about her relationships with men.When she gave birth to a second son, john, six years later, rumours about whether randolph was his father were rife. Apart from anything else, jennie was spending less and less time with her husband who, according to the rumours, had visited a toothless old prostitute after drinking too much champagne, and had contracted syphilis. Despite everything, however, the marriage survived.Jennie moved the family into a new london home, near marble arch, which became a curiosity in itself as the first house in the capital to have electricity.

Why Men Want You To Wear Maternity Lingerie

While this writer cant speak necessarily for all men, its always good to have some first person input on why and how something like maternity lingerie can stoke the male mindset and imbibe us to the notion of intimacy. There is no question about it, most guys this man included love lingerie on their significant others. We enjoy it because it teases our minds just enough while still leaving plenty to the imagination. Not to say that you werent previously aware, but men tend to harbor different mindsets towards sex than women do. For instance, men are more about the visual imagery whereas women are more about the mental imagery. Sure, we share plenty of commonalities, but thats just our mindset tried and true. So why do men want to see you wearing sexy lingerie while pregnant? Here are a few reasons why, directly from a man that has desired and seen just this.

Lingerie of any type is very visually appealing. Since men focus more on visual imagery than mental imagery, we also desire to see more but still imagine what else we are not seeing. As men, we desire a visual lead up to the sexual confrontation. Some of us may rush in, but many of us actually like to lap it up and saturate our minds with your beauty first, during and afterwards. The pregnant female body is gorgeous to behold. Demi Moore, for example, contrasted that when she posed naked while pregnant on the August 1991 Vanity Fair cover.

Even if we have been together for years upon years, lingerie is tempting. It invokes seduction to the farthest reaches of the male mindset. It leaves our mental tongue wagging, and nearly has us begging for more. As men, one of things that attracts many of us to women is that we are tempted by them, drawn to them and are unable to explain much of why.

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Plus Size Lingerie – Look And Feel Sexy The Full Figured Way

For many people ladies lingerie will be a significant part of these clothing and also important thus to their desires and requires to be able to feel sexy for a special someone in their life. A standard fantasy is wholesale lingerie is regarding petite girls that is not correct. Plus size girls can easily accept their sensuous side very easily while using numerous lines of plus size lingerie available on the market. Don’t believe for starters moment which this form of lingerie appears strange. Many of today’s leading plus lingerie brands seems just like complementing as well as sensual because their standard dimensions counterparts.

Any respectable wholesale lingerie shop can readily carry wonderful top quality lingerie in a wide range and also variety of styles very easily accommodating the particular more compact number plus the larger woman. Actually many go shopping masters are quickly start to comprehend and also grasp how the plus marketplace comprises an essential part of the enterprise. The particular vast range and styles associated with lingerie available in larger dimensions is apparently swiftly growing as retailers recognize their selling possible.

An excellent lingerie shop will usually have measurements available that go up to be able to 6x to be able to accommodate almost all of their own plus consumers. Honestly although, if you happen to reside where right now there aren’t enough plus stores in which carry the actual lingerie you’re interested in you can find what you need in the wide array of on-line plus shops. These shops provide a large range of plus size goods as well as total number types that should fulfill the most discerning plus size buyer. Many times the values may also be a bit better as a result of low expense involved with working a web-based plus size lingerie and clothing store.

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